Financial Services

Defined Benefit Plans and Defined Contribution Plans

Barnett & Associates bring together the best of breed pension, 401(k), profit sharing, and other solutions to provide business owners and key personnel maximum deferral while providing employees with a rich variety of investments choices and IRC Section 404(c) compliant education and advice at no additional cost.

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Retirement Planning

All Barnett & Associates clients and their members receive assistance developing their individual retirement plan upon request. Our holistic approach aims to build a well-defined roadmap for maximizing retirement income.

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Education and Advisory Services

All of our 401(k) and other group plan clients can schedule informational financial literacy workshops for their members. Plan members also receive individual annual reviews and consultations upon request.

Sign up for our "5 Things To Do To Take Control of Your $" event and learn, from a licensed investment advisor, how to take control of your investment portfolio and get the most out of your relationship with your investment advisor.

No products, investments, or services are solicited during these casual, friendly meetings. Space is limited.


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